What is On-the-Day Stationery?

What is meant by on-the-day Stationery….here’s a useful list of what is meant by On-the-Day Stationery:-

  • Order of Service / Order of the Day
  • Venue / Reception Signs
  • Seating / Table Plan
  • Table Names / Numbers
  • Menus
  • Place Cards
  • Favour Boxes / Tags

Order of Service

This is essentially the ceremony/day timetable so that your guests will precisely know what is happening trhoughout your day. It helps to avoid delays or them missing moments such as the cutting of the cake and first dance and it also makes a lovely keepsake too. The Order of Service is normally a folded booklet style or can be a flat double sided card but the styling is up to you. Traditionally the Usher either hands your guests the Order of Service as they enter the venue or they can be left on guests seats ready for their arrival.

TIP: Before you start you need to choose any music and readings you will be having at your Ceremony.

What should you include in your Order of Service?

  • Your Names and Venue, along with the wedding date on the cover.
  • A welcome and thank you to your guests for their sharing your day;
  • Who is involved in your bridal party
  • Personal thank you’s to anyone who has played a special role in your wedding day; and/or
  • Lyrics to songs/hymns (please do check with your officiant this is permitted so not to breach copyright).

Venue / Reception Signage

Wedding Signage is extremely useful as it not only helps you relax, but it directs your guests to where they need to be, especially if your wedding is at a large venue or in different areas. You can also have a larger version of your Order of Service printed to display as this is useful for your evening guests who don’t receive your order of service.

Table / Seating Plan

This is an essential part of your Wedding breakfast so that all your guests will know exactly where to sit. Have it printed on a large board to display on an easel (most venues have these but please do check where this is the case). They can be printed on acrylic sheets or mirrors, it is all up to you as the couple. Your Table Plan should fit in with your theme/colour scheme so that everything ties together.

Table Numbers/Names

Once your guests have located their name on your Table Plan they then look for their table, this is where having place settings on each table is extremely useful so they can easily find their seats. Keep within your theme for your wedding or speak to your wedding stationer who will be able to offer you various options.


As some time may have elapsed since taking orders or advising them of the menu pre-wedding, it can be useful to have menus on the table, whether it be one per guest or a couple spread around your table, they can look to see what they ordered.

If you require any further guidance please contact me.

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